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01/ What is FeNO?

What is FeNO and how can it help my asthma?

Nitric oxide, or NO for short, is a gas that is produced when there is inflammation in your body.  In allergic asthma, your bronchial tubes (airways) are sometimes inflamed and you breathe out higher levels of NO than non-asthmatic people.

The FeNO test measures how much NO you breathe out and has proven to be useful in diagnosing and managing asthma. For example, the FeNO can indicate that you have increased inflammation in your bronchial tubes and allow treatment to be started to prevent asthma attacks.

When used to guide treatment of asthma, FeNO can provide an extra layer of information for you and your doctor to help you manage your asthma effectively and avoid worsening symptoms.  It’s a simple test that can really change the level of control you have over your asthma.

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02/ The Fenom CONNECT App

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Take your Asthma Action Plan with you

Asthma action plans are internationally recognised as one of the most effective ways of managing asthma. Research shows that patients with an asthma management strategy that includes an asthma action plan are less likely to have symptoms and are less likely to need time off from work or school due to exacerbations. The Fenom CONNECT App lets you take your asthma action plan with you, wherever you go.


Monitor your symptoms

Track symptom severity over time.


Smart alerts

Receive alerts for air quality and view real-time air quality information for your local area.


Medication reminders

Set automatic medication notifications and reminders

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Ask your doctor for more information about FeNO testing