asthma breath analyser

01 / Introduction

The smarter choice for FeNO testing

The Fenom PRO™ point-of-care breath analyser makes FeNO testing accessible to all by bringing a simple and affordable FeNO solution to clinics and patients everywhere. It’s designed to be easy to purchase, simple to use, and it gives patients interactive tools that can help them manage their asthma effectively.

Fenom PRO is a CE-marked device that provides exhaled nitric oxide information to the physician at the point-of-care.  Fenom PRO is not FDA-cleared, and is not available in the United States.


Easy to get started

No upfront costs. The pay-per-test model doesn’t require the upfront purchase of device or tests, and only charges for successful tests.

Simplifies daily use

Patients only need to exhale through the device. Intuitive and easy to use for clinic staff.

Empowers patients

The Fenom CONNECT™ app enables patients to follow their asthma action plan by transforming it into an interactive, personalised tool.

02 /Benefits

Easy to get started

The Fenom PRO™’s pay-per-test model has no upfront costs. Simply activate the Fenom PRO™ device, and only pay for tests after they have been used. And with the pay-per-test model, erroneous or unsuccessful tests are not charged – saving even more time, hassle and resources.

Pay-per-test model

• Pay-per-test after use.

• No need to pre-purchase the
Fenom PRO™ device or bundles
of tests.

Improved cash flow

• Option to receive reimbursement for FeNO procedure prior to having to pay for Fenom PRO tests.

• Only pay for successful tests.

Simplified billing
and ordering

• Fenom CONNECT monitors device usage and automatically invoices monthly.

• Includes device service and support with remote monitoring.

asthma breath analyser

Simplifies daily use

Built on proven technology that delivers accurate results, the Fenom PRO sets a new standard for FeNO testing. Designed to be simple and intuitive, the Fenom PRO only requires users to exhale into the mouthpiece to start measuring FeNO. This simplifies the testing process and reduces the risk of incomplete or unsuccessful tests.

The Fenom PRO can be quickly reset and prepared for new patients by simply replacing the quick-change mouthpiece. Never miss a test with the optional automatic reordering of filters and mouthpieces when supplies are low. And experience true peace of mind with device service and support with remote monitoring.

No inhalation through device

Intuitive system starts the test when patients begin to exhale and reduces unsuccessful tests.

Patient exhales for 10 seconds

Patients exhale into the device for just 10 seconds.

Results in 28 seconds

Results are ready in 28 seconds and automatically uploaded into Fenom CONNECT™.

Empowers patients

The Fenom CONNECT™ web application reduces the number of steps required to create a complete asthma action plan. This allows healthcare providers to deliver a comprehensive plan to their patients with minimal effort.

After the plan is generated, patients can use the Fenom CONNECT app to check-in with symptoms, set medication reminders, and receive alerts for air quality. This interactive approach to asthma action plans has the potential to increase adherence, reduce exacerbations and build awareness of the condition.

The clinic staff generates personalised, interactive asthma action plans after FeNO testing.

The Fenom CONNECT™ app enables patients to proactively follow and manage their asthma action plans.

Clinic staff can monitor patients’ adherence to the plan and review information for clinical decisions.

Explore how Fenom CONNECT can empower your patients

asthma breath analyser

03 / Specifications

Fenom PRO at a glance

Built to deliver quality care day in and day out, the Fenom PRO offers fast, accurate testing without a significant upfront investment of time or money. And with Fenom CONNECT, you can be sure that it will continue to add value to your practice for years to come.

Fenom PRO™ Technical specifications

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

H: 145 mm, W: 230 mm, D: 140 mm


2.4 kg


Electrical data

Device power consumption: < 20 VA

Power supply mains voltage: 100–240 V ~50-60 Hz

Exhaled NO performance

The Fenom PRO is verified to fulfil performance within a temperature range of 20-27°C (68-80°F), relative humidity of 30-60% and pressure range of 106 to 92 kPa.

asthma breath analyser
asthma breath analyser
asthma breath analyser mouthpiece

Measurement range

10 ppb to 300 ppb


NO concentrations ≤ 50 ppb: 5 ppb

NO concentrations > 50 ppb: 10% concentration


±5 ppb or 15% maximum

Limit of detection

10 ppb

Exhalation parameters

Exhalation time in preferred mode: 10 seconds

Shortened exhalation: 6 seconds; for research purposes only

Exhalation pressure is between 15-25 cm (6-10 in) water

Exhalation flow rate is 45-55 mL/s; warning sounds emitted outside this range

Calibration method

Simulated breath containing nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen

Rechargeable battery

Use only the power adapter provided by Spirosure to charge the device.

Capacity: > 15 tests over 2 hours on a fully charged battery

Charging time: 4 hours

Manufacturer information

Lowered capacity: Extended charge times or reduced operation indicates the battery should be replaced. Contact Spirosure for assistance

Spirosure, Inc. 7020 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 110, Pleasanton, CA 94566-3107

All questions regarding technical and application support:

Phone: +1 (925) 264-7720 x 1001



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