asthma action plan

01 / Introduction

Empower patients with interactive asthma action plans

Asthma action plans are internationally recognized as one of the most effective ways of managing asthma.  Research shows that patients with an asthma management strategy that includes an asthma action plan are less likely to have symptoms and are less likely to need time off from work or school due to exacerbations.


Fenom CONNECT web software.

The Fenom CONNECT™ web software simplifies the steps required to create a complete asthma action plan. This allows healthcare providers to deliver a comprehensive plan to their patients with minimal effort.


Fenom CONNECT app

The Fenom CONNECT app transforms the asthma action plan into an interactive, personalized tool that patients can use daily to help manage their asthma.

02 / How it works

Helps bring asthma action plans to life for your patients

The Fenom CONNECT web software lets you quickly and easily create customized asthma plans for your patients and link them to the 6-character code the Fenom PRO™ generates after a test.  The asthma action plan can be emailed to the patient, or your patient can enter the code directly into the Fenom CONNECT app to sync with their plan.

Clinic staff generates personalised, interactive asthma action plans after FeNO testing.

The plan can be emailed or sent directly to a patient’s mobile device via the mobile app. The patient can use the Fenom CONNECT™ app to follow the plan.

The Fenom CONNECT™ app reminds the patient to take their medication, and prompts them to think about their symptoms to determine their current zone.

03 / Patient benefits

asthma action plan phone

Makes it easy for patients to follow their asthma action plan

The Fenom CONNECT™ app transforms a patient’s asthma action plan into an interactive, personalized tool to help with daily asthma management.  It provides tools and knowledge to help empower patients:

Smart alerts

Patients can receive air quality alerts and view real-time air quality information for their local area.

Medication reminders

Automatic medication notifications and reminders to increase adherence.

Check-in with symptoms

Patients can track symptom severity on a daily basis.

The app will continue to evolve over time to add new features to help patients manage their asthma.

Visit the Fenom CONNECT web application